Current Events
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All Events will be held on the 3rd floor of the Student Union Building and Logan Hall on UNM'S Main Campus (pics below)

South Entrance to UNM Student Union Building

South Entrance to Logan Hall

Future Events
We are currently developing plans to send 4-8 members to either a recovery retreat or the 2020 ARHE Collegiate Recovery Conference
Past Events
2018 Student Leadership Summit
Just outside Keystone, CO
Keystone Ski Resort at night
From left to right: Kevin Foust, Louis Packer, John Fennelly, and Jake Hanes on top of Keystone Mountain
Bomb dessert at Keystone Ranch Golf Course
In February 2018, ASIR sent some of its members to the Association for Recovery in Higher Education's (ARHE) 2018 Student Leadership Summit and Collegiate Recovery Skiathon in Keystone, Colorado. The summit lasted 4 days and 3 nights and included daily recovery meetings, morning communal breakfast meetings, and nightly conferences. Additionally, each student received an all-day pass to Keystone Mountain's ski slopes, access to the Keystone Ski Resort, and a day off to enjoy Keystone's ski slopes. Our students were able to network and learn from students and faculty from over 30+ universities across the United States about bringing collegiate recovery to UNM.
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